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Looking for a program to measure how much time you spend on jobs, time chess games, or to prevent you freezing soft-drink cans? Egg is an easy to use timer that can do these tasks and more! It can count up and down, is settable by second divisions from 3 seconds up to 49 days, can display up to four timers at once with custom settings for each, and common times are settable with only two clicks from a selection of 12 customisable times. Many rare features are included, such as a HTTP remote and random time selection.

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Forgetting birthdays? Want to visit a website periodically? Need help waking up? Want your computer to turn on or off at set times? Need to keep your computer clock accurate? Remotely shutdown your computer? GigAlarm can do these tasks and more! It can handle millions of different events that can be set to automatically repeat, with the repeat time settable to the very second, with day over-rides and even random repeats. You won't find another timer this small as full featured! It can also be used to change your desktop wallpaper.


Keep the clock of your computer or even an entire network accurate with iTimeSync! Using time servers all around the world it synchronizes your clock in seconds. Both SNTP (RFC-2030) and TIME (RFC-868) and protocols can be used, plus iTimeSync also has an internal SNTP and TIME server that can be used for synchronizing other computers on a local LAN. Syncing can be done automatically or manually and iTimeSync can be run as a Windows Service.


Need to know how long you take to reply to EMails, be reminded when to change the CO2 filter or run a program every 3 hours? Secs is an easy to use timer, capable of counting up as well as down, and settable by milli-second divisions from 3 seconds up to almost 50 days. It can have a beep or almost any standard audio file (including MP3s) for the time-up sound, either of which can be set to repeat, plus it can also run files. The window size can be increased from small to any size, including borderless full-screen.


Break is designed to help you work more effectively by recording your work times and reminding you when you have been working for too long. Work can be divided into a virtually unlimited number of different categories, with maximum work capping for each category. It maintains a running total to show you how long you are on your computer, and what you do most on it, including time not working and time away. This is all displayed in an actively updated window showing all totals and your twenty most recent work types.


With today's huge hard drives it becomes easy to accumulate very large collections of files. This becomes a problem when you realize that your collection of 89,571 files is full of duplicates... Sorting this manually would take weeks. TwinSeek however will help you speed this up significantly by comparing all the files in a directory and its subdirectories and will then show what ones are similar by a selected amount. It can then show some details on the files to help you decide which ones to keep, or TwinSeek can even delete, recycle or move all doubles with one button. TwinSeek can also used to provide a detailed comparison of the differences between two files and remove empty directories.


Change the Wallpaper on your Home screen and keep your Android looking different! This can be done automatically from every 15 minutes to every 2nd day, or whenever you choose with a single button. WallNager can also optionally resize images (up or down) to fit any size screen and is written for a minimal system footprint.


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17 Apr 17 TwinSeek
v2.0 Beta. C++ conversion. Unicode support and removal of 150000 file limitation.

17 May 15 Egg
v1.61 released. Mostly just an OS update release with bugfixes.

8 Jun 14 WallNagerEx
v1.0 added. Wallpaper changer for the Android system. (For newer OSes.)

24 Aug 13 iTimeSync
v1.9 released. Features include the super mega code refactoring.

11 Jun 13 XorIt
v1.9 Alpha. Features include a revised Xor-ing implementation.

17 Nov 10 GigAlarm
v1.35 released. Features include Mixer controls and Web interface.

18 Oct 10 Break
v1.335 released. Features include a resizable window and function grouping.

15 Sep 10 Egg
v1.6 released. Features include wake.

28 Aug 10 WallNager
v1.0 added. Wallpaper changer for the Android system.

19 Aug 10 TwinSeek
v1.31 released. Features include empty directory deletion and zero-size file indexing.

28 Jul 10 Secs
v1.221 released. Features include the new code system, tweaks and bugfixes.

22 Apr 10 Ute
v1.21 released. Features include a backup scan function.

20 Apr 10 JukeBx
v1.401 released. Features include file buffer, auto-rate, multi-state and a Top 100 list.

3 Mar 10 QWave
v1.6 released. Ten year overhaul.


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