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Secs - Desktop Timer

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28 Jul 10

2K / XP / 03 / Vista / 7

Need to know how long you take to reply to EMails, be reminded to when change the CO2 filter after 66 minutes and 10.624 seconds or run a program every 3 hours? Secs is an easy to use timer, capable of counting up as well as down, that is settable by milli-second divisions from 3 seconds up to almost 50 days. While it features a compact window, 12 common times are settable with only two clicks. It can have a beep or almost any standard audio file (including MP3s) for the "time-up" sound, either of which can be set to repeat. Secs can also run a file, play a random audio file or shut down the computer after set time. For the more demanding user, Secs offers several more advanced abilities, including variable transparency, font selection, foreground and background colour selection, auto repeating timers, keyboard shortcuts, "On-Top" window options, muting, flash screen alarm and operation while minimized. Secs can also be minimized to the System tray and controlled via its icon, or the window size can be varied to whatever size you want, including borderless full screen, to allow you to see the count from across the room.

Feature List
  • Count up or down and even reverse in the middle of a count.
  • Any time from three seconds to 49 days can be set with milli-second resolution.
  • Secs can show count to second resolution, or it can show deci-seconds, centi-seconds, and even milli-seconds!
  • Three customisable quick set times.
  • Configurable font, font size, foreground colour and background colour.
  • Time up event can be a system sound, almost any sound file (including mp3, wma, midi and wave), a externally run file such as a movie or a program, or even a windows shutdown. The sound or file can also be selected randomly.
  • If a sound is selected it can be set to repeat and the repeat time can be configured.
  • At the end of the time a window will display and the text in this can be customised.

  • The time up text can be set to be below the time, and additional text can be put above the time so you can do displays like "In TIME I go on holiday".
  • When the count has finished the timer can be set to stop, reverse, or repeat automatically. This can happen instantly or can be set to wait until you acknowledge it.
  • The window can be set to flash (invert) at the end of the time.
  • Secs features a two click quick set system that can set the time by simply clicking on the relevant timer and selecting from a list of twelve times.
  • The countdown window size can be set to any size you want, with three quick size settings for extra convenience. There is also a borderless full screen option.
  • The timer can have its time and time-up text set via the command line.
  • The buttons can be hidden automatically while the count is active.

  • When minimised the currently selected timers count is displayed on the taskbar.
  • The timer can be controlled via the buttons, the right-click menu or via keyboard shortcuts. The timer can still be controlled via the right-click menu even when minimised to the tray or taskbar.
  • Secs can be set to be transparent, and the degree of transparency is configurable.
  • Secs can be set to automatically minimise when the timer is started
  • To save room in the taskbar Secs can minimise to the tray instead of the taskbar. In this mode the tool tip is used to display the current count. Additionally, the tray icon can be left on even if the window is shown.

  • The main and time up window can be set so they are on-top of other windows.
  • The screen size and position, last times and other settings are saved for convenience.
  • Multi-user setups are supported and Secs will run without any problems on a low privilege system and Windows Vista.
  • Secs is written in 100% Assembly Language and is very small and memory efficient. The program itself is under 100KB!
  • Secs can be easily run as a portable app from, for example, a USB key; it does not even need to be installed! Simply select "Extract" from the installer and then copy "Secs.exe" wherever you want! Our installer also supports installation on Window Vista without UAC prompts, as well as installation on low privilege logins.


$8.00 USD

30 day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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Thanks for the help, and for a good, economical product that's been very useful to me


Secs is to help as a 'time management' control. .... Thank you so much for your help, and a wonderful program!



Great little program!



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